Roles Of A BIM Solutions Specialist And A BIM Certified Instructor.

The origin of BIM or Building Information Modelling can be traced back to the mid 1980s and ever since then it has seen a rise in its popularity within the AEC or Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry. This has led to a huge demand of individuals who have been trained to implement BIM technology in the workplace.

An individual who has specially been trained to carry out BIM implementation is titled a BIM Solutions Specialist. The qualification of a BIM Solutions Specialist is gauged on the basis of his education, BIM software expertise and experience in the industry.

Here is a sneak peek into the role of a BIM Solutions Specialist in the BIM industry:

The main role of a BIM Solutions Specialist is to market integrated solutions of hardware and software to potential AEC customers. This is a key role in AEC industry and the individual needs a high level of motivation and a sense of responsibility to complete the sales cycle which shall include prospecting, proposing, demonstrating, quoting and closing the deal.

Here is what you must have to be a successful BIM Solutions Specialist:

1. Knowledge of carrying out sales in building industry.

2. Capability of effective prospecting and identifying opportunities.

3. Strong time management skills.

4. Good oral and written communication skills.

5. Good negotiation and prioritization skills.

6. Entrepreneurial initiative.

7. Knowledge of the language of the customer.

If you think you have good Building Information Modelling skills, it is wise to turn into a BIM professional by becoming a BIM Certified Instructor. Once you have the credentials of a BIM certified instructor to your name, you stand a more than fair chance to land up as a BIM instructor in an academy that teaches design. You can either be a full time employee or work from home by teaching the students online. At such an institution, you will have the opportunity to help the students learn real world design practices.

The role of a BIM certified instructor is multifaceted. Here is what you’ll do as a BIM Instructor:

1. Undertake teaching on weekly basis.

2. Prepare lessons as well as course material.

3. Engage the students through communication to encourage their participation in learning activities and at the same time pose challenges to them to put to test their comprehension of your teaching.

4. Provide such assignments to students that will prove relevant and interesting to them and will also provide them an opportunity to apply their learning in the real world setting.

5. Carry out assessments of learning assignments and final exams within a fixed time frame.

6. Maintain such credentials as required by the accrediting agencies/councils and other regulating bodies in the location of your institution.

In order to fit in the roles mentioned above, here is what you need to have:

1. Experience of at least 2 years in business environment. This is usually mentioned clearly in the terms of hire and may differ from employer to employer.

2. A motivating and appealing personality.

3. Strong organisational as well as written and verbal communication skills.

4. A Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture or related field from a recognized university.

5. Strong understanding of management, business and merchandising.

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